Sunday, June 3, 2012

No great indicator of that lovely mind at work — but have a little giggle, as we did, at Benedict’s insight into the fashion of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’s Peter Guillam in this interview for the BIF Awards nominations.

From 3:02 on, when he’s asked about the production expense on his wardrobe:

"I think Jacqueline (Durran), our brilliant costume designer, she spent a bit of money on Guillam because the rest of them had to look like — you know — they smelt of wet wool, basically, and wet dog and all things autumnal and gray and slightly uncolourful. And so yeah, I was the one, sort of, glamourpuss in it, so she went to town on me. Which I didn’t complain about!”

And at around 3:24, the very tactful interviewer (and we say that with tongue firmly in cheek) then teases him about his hair (the blonde `do for Parade’s End): “I know poor Peter Guillam was slightly in the closet, as he had to be at the time. I’m seeing you now, you’ve got a lovely kind of rent-boy, kind of touch of blonde going on there.”

And Benedict laughs and says: “Yeah, everyone says it’s a very gay haircut! But I’m playing another character who has blonde hair and it’s a short-back-and-sides, so it does have a kind of `80s (look).”

(video uploaded by romangirl88)


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