Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Both of us behind Benedict’s Brain came rather late to the fandom, and this was one of the earliest interviews we ever saw. At the time, we didn’t know very much about the BBC’s wonderful reimagining of Sherlock Holmes yet, and had only managed to see snippets of the episodes on youtube.

So imagine how delighted and thoroughly impressed we were when we listened to the actor playing him speak so eloquently  about bringing the iconic character into the modern age:

"Sherlock Holmes was always a modern man in a very modern era. The Victorian era was just incredibly … I mean the amount of acceleration in knowledge and understanding of science and … engineering, everything. Everything from electricity to radio, I mean things were moving very, very quickly.

So we jump-cut to him being a man, post-CSI, post- all sorts of procedural crime dramas, and he fits like a glove into that — because he’s a man who has his hand in all of the scientific advantages that that speed of access to information can give him. But he still has to amalgamate the detail of a crime scene like a bloodhound into a cohesive narrative. So that’s still the magic — he gets there fast because of his intuitive, but also agonisingly, painstakingly hard-won logical magic of deduction.”

As we often say — a minute-long interview with Benedict yields as much material and depth of insight as ten minutes with most other actors.


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