Monday, May 28, 2012

Let it go

Here’s a submission from earthrevolvesaroundben:

Ben is one of the most intelligent men we will ever have the good fortune to come across, in real or reel life. And unlike Sherlock, his EQ, as he has shown in so many of his insightful interviews, is as high as, if not higher, than his IQ. He is, I believe, level-headed enough to know that this BAFTA was not the end-all and be-all of his career, which still stretches long and glorious ahead of him.

It is natural and human that he will feel let down for a while - he did admit to such a feeling after he didn’t win the BAFTA for the first season of the series - and will maybe just want to put the whole affair behind him.

I think we will all be doing him a favor if we, after we ourselves have gotten over our dashed expectations of BAFTA 2012 night, let him do so.

And then, we can all just watch and cheer him as he rises and goes on to do greater things - maybe even greater things than acting. Because, given a chance, I feel Benedict Cumberbatch has it in him to make a change the world.

The day after

Benedict at the 2012 BAFTAs

(Image links to the wonderful blog of deareje)

Like most of you, we at Benedict’s Brain stayed up really late for the 2012 BAFTAs. We were caught up in the excitement of monitoring Twitter feeds, dealing with uncooperative livestreams and interacting with other fans across the globe on tumblr.

Like many of you, we were stunned at the outcome of, first the Youtube vote, and then of the leading actor selection.

We thought about whether we wanted to comment on the results. But one of our admins has already done so on her personal blog, and we felt there was little else that we could add.

So instead, we invite all of you to share your thoughts and sentiments on last night’s results, as well as your expressions of support for Benedict.

We ask only that you refrain from attacks on the winners, as the outcome is truly out of their hands, and Dominic West in particular was very likely just as deserving of the award as Benedict.

And if you agree with our sentiments, please reblog this so that other fans can see and comment if they wish. We beg your indulgence — this is perhaps the only time we’ll ever ask for reblogs. But we feel it’s important that this reaches as many fans as possible.

We would be happy to hear from you.