Saturday, August 11, 2012

"… his restless, super-charged mind …"

Parade's End Interview

Another great submission from denverchick, who writes: “A new article with Benedict discussing his career plans. You must read this one.”

This new interview in The Independent was published ahead of the broadcast of Parade’s End. Here are some of what we think are the best bits.

I’ve got every single script I’m sent on my mobile… There is this amazing moment in episode two when Valentine (his lover in the story) asks, ‘Why do you hate your country?’ and he says, ‘I don’t. I love every field, every hedgerow. I just hate what’s been done to this country; it’s been taken over by moneylenders.’ And basically he goes on to define his version of Toryism, which is feudalism really.”

On being asked whether Parade’s End is “a thinking person’s Downton Abbey”:

"I guess that’s a crude label for it … Not to denigrate what you’re saying, but any comparisons are a danger … (Parade’s End won’t be) some crappy, easily digestible milk-chocolate on a Sunday evening… it’s going to be hard work, but it will pay dividends if you stick with it”.

And here’s one of our favourite parts of the interview: one that shows how truly savvy he is about the industry he works in, while at the same time remaining a fundamentally decent man at heart.

I’m playing a really big game now … I’m going into studios to meet executives and heads of production and asking: ‘What have you got on your slate?’ and they say, ‘This and this and this.’ And you know there are five actors ahead of you who have first refusal, so there will be fallow periods now, but I can’t afford another five months in the theatre or another big TV gig.”

I think it’s time. I don’t have any dependants. I’m interested in just playing the game a little bit, because it gives you a lot more choice. It gives you power and if you become indispensable to that machine it gives you a greater variety, which is what I always wanted. My career’s always been about longevity – I’ve never wanted to be an adolescent flash in the pan. Brad Pitt, Clooney — they’re in a really privileged position where they are the men who get film screen net [a share of box office receipts], and there are about five people in the world who can do that. They’re great people to emulate as a business model.”

Thank you, denverchick!