Tuesday, May 29, 2012

He may not have won a BAFTA, but this man wins at life



So I’ve just got back from Uni today, and I went over to visit my Grandparents. My mum tells me to ask my Aunt about what had happened to her a few days before so I do..

She’d been up in London with a friend and as they were heading back to the station they decided to get a drink. They start walking towards festival hall and notice this massive crowd of people and decide to go over and have a look and see what’s going on. They spot a gap in the crowds behind a couple of people in wheelchairs and decided to stand behind them.

Suddenly, right in front of them, Benedict Cumberbatch appears. Turns out that the crowds are there to watch the celebs arrive for the BAFTAs. She got some really nice, close up photos of him which I’ll post later. I am insanely jealous. 

But, reason 93247393025458096430 why I love Cumberbatch; He stayed there and talked to the disabled ladies in front of my Aunt for a good fifteen minutes and wouldn’t let anyone make him move on until they’d finished their conversation.

Perfect man is perfect. 

Too good not to reblog.

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